Martika tenderly takes the listener into her heart and into the hearts of her guests. She is authentic, kind, and comes from a place of deep understanding through her own lived experience, lessons learned, and wisdom gained.

Every Human Being endures loss and grief. “Grieve with Ease” is a gentle reminder that we are all connected and, by sharing our stories, we can continue to heal, grow, and realize the power that exists in the pain.

Patti DiMiceli

Martika is kind, patient, and interested in helping the grievers in this world with compassion. Her show is meaningful and encouraging for people learning to navigate through loss with a new lens.

Mandy Capehart

Author & Grief Coach

I enjoy listening to Martika and hearing her guests speak in such vulnerable and authentic ways about their personal journeys. One of my favorite podcasts!

Susan Miller

Author and speaker

Martika is wonderful in her being and creating a space for heartfelt shares, even if it may be a heartbreak. She provides an opportunity to share safely and, perhaps to mutually heal through some of the shared suffering and the growth that can arise.

Corey Jung

Founder and Performance Specialist of UpRight Movement

I loved chatting with Martika, wonderful conversation about how to work with death, dying and grief.

Jill McClennen

Death Doula

I was happy to be a guest of Martika’s for her podcast; the result was professional with thoughtful questions and responses. It was a delight.

Jerry Sander

Couples therapist

This was my initial interview with Martika. I found her warm, authentic and fully committed to the vision of easing all of our grievings, regardless of the touch point that triggered our particular situation. A foundation of that vision is sharing our stories and sharing our resources, like my award-winning book The Courage to Care: Being Fully Present with the Dying and my upcoming book, We’re Never Far Apart, which addresses children’s grief at losing a dear young friend. Listening to stories about grief are not depressing; they are confirmation that we are not alone in our challenges and that we will again find our sunny blue sky in time. Blessings to Martika, her podcast and all you listeners..

Linda Bryce

Author nonfiction and children's inspirational books

“Martika is such a kind, caring and compassionate individual. It was such a pleasure sharing my story with her as she creates a very calm, relaxing, and warm atmosphere. Grief is something that we all will experience at one point in our life and these conversations are key in breaking down barriers and changing the stigma that exists toward death and grief in our society. Thank you Martika for the work you do ” LBiddles via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 02/20/21
LaCara Biddles

Thank you Martika for creating the space to talk about grief with such ease. I appreciate your intention to allow as many as possible to tune into wisdom and know that whilst grief will be a unique journey, we don’t have to be alone.

Glynis German

Glynis German Celebrant

Martika, your work is invaluable! It was a joy to be a guest of this podcast and learn of the important work being done by experts like you in the field of grief and loss. You could not have been more welcoming and thank you very much for having me. I look forward to continuing to follow you!

Judy Pedersen

Founder and Executive Director - Hearts of Hope Foundation, Inc.

Martika shares honestly and with such compassion. Her conversations with guests come from a place of her own pain and loss and help move others toward hope.

Lisa Espinoza

Writer, speaker, coach

Martika is leading the way in the new grief paradigm. She is holding space for important conversations that at one time felt impossible to have. Healing happens by sharing our stories and Grieve With Ease shares these grief journeys with grace and compassion.

Kerri Scott


Great flow and professional.

Andrea Cox

Preplanning Specialist

It was such a pleasure being a guest on the podcast. Normalizing grief and providing a space to talk about it is so important so I want to thank Martika for creating a place where people can gather and listen to how others are managing grief in a healthy way so that they feel less alone in the midst of their grief.

Michele Thomson

Leadership Development Consultant

“Martika does a wonderful job of providing strategies for easing grief so that we can more see the bigger picture and enjoy our lives.”
wendy rose williams via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 12/01/20

Wendy Rose Williams

Amazing podcast and great interviewer. It’s so helpful for those grieving!

Tricia Roos

Speaker & Author

Very easy listening and informative.

Danny Jefferson

Funeral Service

It is wonderful to have a podcast where we can discuss grief more openly and share stories. I was shocked at how grief affected me, and the impact it has had on my life. Having Martika speak with people so that we can learn and understand how different our journeys are is such a gift. If you are going through grief, take a look at the episodes and see which one could support you the best.

Carol Banens

Transformational Life Coach

It’s great, Martika is kind and informative. A really great resource for someone who is grieving.

Janelle Bridge


Enjoyed my time with Grieve with Ease!

Hope R

Published Author

I enjoyed my interview with Martika. It was a friendly, wide-ranging conversation about our experiences with loss and grief and healing – a lot of surprising, breakthrough moments – not just in our conversation, but in many others on the Grieve with Ease podcast series. Thank you, Martika, for your dedication in preparing and maintaining this series.

Michael Rost

University Professor

Such a great podcast for people who are grieving. I always find a lot of comfort and great takeaways from each episode!

Nesreen Ahmed

Professional Certified Coach