What I loved most about my mom (Marilyn Moreau) was her goodhearted, patience and gentle spirit. She was a caring and kind person. I rarely saw her get too upset over anything, nor did I ever hear her use profanity or speak ill of anyone. Whenever I did something wrong, she was understanding and quick to forgive.

It was a challenge for me when growing up, to get a rise out of her by my shenanigans. Not having a father around, I guess you could say that I took advantage of the situation, but she knew how to handle me and also knew when I was telling the truth or lying. Even though it’s been many years since she passed, I still miss her. She was my best friend and teacher.

My mom and I have a different relationship now. She’s my guardian angel, that watches over me twenty four/seven. Every now and again, she’ll let me know she’s still with me by showing up in my dreams or leaving dimes or flickering the lights and I find comfort in that. Love you Mom! Thanks for being there for me always. Xoxo’s