The best way to grieve with ease is to be aware that there are 7 stages to the grieving process. Before I introduce the 7 stages and give a summary of each, I want you to know, I know what it feels like to lose someone close. I lost my mom to suicide when I was fifteen, my grandma had an asthma attack and died two years later, then my grandpa soon followed her, my uncle died in a car accident, and my father died of AIDS and my cousin hung herself. It felt as though everyone around me was dropping like flies. I have read many books on death, dying and grieving because I wanted to understand the whole process. I also sought the guidance of counsellors and psychologists for help. These 7 proven stages can help you identify where you are in the grieving process. My intention and hope, is to help you alleviate pain and grieve with ease.

How does one grieve with ease? And is it possible?

Well, I believe it’s possible once we have a better understanding of what death and grief are all about. What I know for sure is that we’re all going to die at some point in our lives. I mean none of us, now that we are here in this physical form and dimension are getting out of here alive. Am I right? And once we gain a better understanding of death and grief, the less tragic and traumatic it becomes.