Step Five: Support Groups & Resources

Your goal for this session is to find and join a support group to assist you through the grieving process, so you don’t feel alone along this journey.


Grief Support Groups are a great way to connect with people who can relate to what you are feeling and thinking. Take advantage and join our private Facebook group or seek support groups in your local area.

Join our Private Facebook Group

Joining a grief support group is benefical for continued growth and highly recommended. This private Facebook Group is optional to those who want continued support or to keep intouch with other members.

Resources & Support Groups for North & South America

Canada Suicide Prevention-
Mental Health Commission of Canada –
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline –
Suicide Hotline Mexico –
Mental health and Mental Health care in Latin America –

Resources & Support Groups for Europe & Asia

International Association for Suicide Prevention –
Suicide in Asia: Opportunities and Challenges –
Mental Health Conferences –

Resources & Support Groups for Africa & Australia

South African depression and Anxiety Group –
Better Health Channel –
Support Groups for depression, anxiety &bipolar – Black Dog Institute –
Network for Africa | Mental Health Innovation Network –