Step One: Denial & Anger

Your goal for this session is to identify the symptoms of denial and anger and to use exercise and body movement to help remedy through the pain and discomfort. 


Exercise can reduce fatique, improve sleep, increase your energy and boost your mood. Body Movement is also a great way to let out some stream and sort through all the feelings you might be having. In step one, journal your answers to the questions below and find ways to move your body.

Session 1

Denial is the refusal to accept the facts of the loss, either consciously or unconsciously. The feelings in this stage of denial often protect and help you from feeling too many emotions at one time.

Session 2

During the anger stage of grief, you might start asking questions like “Why me?” or “What did I do to deserve this?”
You could also feel suddenly angry at inanimate objects, strangers, friends, or family members. You might feel angry at life itself.

Session 3

The first stage of grief is a natural reaction that helps you process the loss in your own time. By going numb, you’re giving yourself time to explore at your own pace the changes you’re going through.

Work Sheet

Identifying the signs, symptoms, techniques and
healthy recommendations and
Questions to ask yourself.

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