Step Three: Depression & Sadness 

Your goal for this session is to identify the signs and symptoms of depression and sadness and to use the healing power of music to help you through.


Using music as a form of healing can reduce stress, anxiety and depression. It also promotes relaxation, focus and elevates your mood. In step three, listen to the songs that make you feel good and use your journal to answer the questions below.

Session 1

After guilt, empty feelings present themselves and grief enters our lives on a deeper level. This depressive state feels as though it will last forever. We want to withdraw from life and wonder if there’s any point in going on at all.

Session 2

In grief, depression is a way for nature to keep us protected by shutting down the nervous system so that we can adapt to something we feel we cannot handle.

Session 3

When you allow yourself to experience depression, it will leave as soon as it has served its purpose in your loss. As you grow stronger, it may return from time to time but that is how grief works. It will pass.

Work Sheet

Identifying the signs, symptoms, techniques and
healthy recommendations and
Questions to ask yourself.

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