Step Two: Bargaing & Guilt 

Your goal for this session is to identify the symptoms of bargaining and guilt and to use writing, drawing and doodling to help remedy through trauma and confusion. 


Writing, drawing and doodling are the best ways to express how you feel and gives you time to think about your loved one. This helps you to organize your thoughts and gives meaning to a traumatic experience. Write out your feelings in the questions below.

Session 1

Bargaining is a stage of grief that helps you hold on to hope in a situation of intense pain. You might think to yourself that you’re willing to do anything and sacrifice everything if your life is restored to how it was before the loss.

Session 2

During this internal negotiation, you could find yourself thinking in terms of “what if” or “if only”: what if I did XYZ, then everything will go back to normal; if only I had done something differently to prevent the loss.

Session 3

Guilt might be an accompanying emotion during this stage as you inadvertently might be trying to regain some control, even if at your own expense. All these emotions and thoughts aren’t uncommon. As hard as it might feel, this helps you heal as you confront the reality of your loss.

Work Sheet

Identifying the signs, symptoms, techniques and
healthy recommendations and
Questions to ask yourself.

10 Coloring Mandalas

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