Step Four: Acceptance & Closure 

Your goal for this session is to identify the signs of acceptance and closure and to use meditation and reflection to help you through understanding and to have peace of mind.


Meditation is a masterful way to reduce stress. It promotes emotional health and enhances self awareness. Meditate over the questions below, then write in your journal any insights you might have.

Session 1

Acceptance is more about how you acknowledge the losses you’ve experienced, how you learn to live with them, and how you readjust your life accordingly. You might feel more comfortable reaching out to friends and family during this stage, but it’s also natural to feel you prefer to withdraw at times.

Session 2

Reaching acceptance isn’t necessarily about being OK with what happened. Depending on your experience, it might be understandable if you don’t ever feel this way.

Session 3

You may also feel like you accept the loss at times and then move to another stage of grief again. This back-and-forth between stages is natural and a part of the healing process.
In time, you may eventually find yourself stationed at this stage for long periods of time.

Work Sheet

Identifying the signs, techniques and
healthy recommendations and
Questions to ask yourself.

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