5 Steps to Grief Relief for

the loss of a loved one

Welcome to the 5 steps to grief relief e-course. This grief course is designed to help you move through the grieving process. Exploring the stages of grief and loss could help you understand and put into context where you are in your own grieving process and what you feel.

Everyone mourns differently. You could go through many intense emotions, or you could seemingly not react at all. Both responses are valid and not uncommon.

How much time you spend navigating the stages of grief also varies from person to person. It might take you hours, months, or longer to process a loss and heal from it.

You might not experience all these stages of grief or in the order. You could go back and forth from one stage to another. You may even skip all these emotions and process your loss differently altogether. The stages of grief are supposed to serve you as a reference, not as a rule.
By the end of this course you will know how to heal the pain of loss, find meaning and live fully again.

Getting Started: Which Stage of Grief are you in?

Your goal for this section is to help you identify which stage of grief you are in.  Watch the video presentation and click here to help you determine for yourself. If you like Facebook and want more support, join our private Facebook group.


Step 1 : Denial and Anger

In this section you will learn how to move through denial and anger using body movement to help release negative energies and journal writing.

Step 2 : Bargaining and Guilt

In this section of bargaining and guilt you will learn how to move through the “What if’s” and “If only” with writing your feelings down in a journal.

Step 3 : Depression and Sadness

In this section of depression and sadness you will learn how to release negative emotions through listening to music and/or combine writing with music.

Step 4 : Acceptance and Closure

In this section you will learn to move through acceptance and closure through reflection, writing and meditation.

Step 5 : Join a Support Group or Join our Private Facebook Group

Joining a grief support group is benefical for continued growth and highly recommended. This private Facebook Group is optional to those who want continued support or to keep intouch with other members.

Martika Whylly


A certified bereavement and grief counsellor helping you grieve with ease. With years of personal experience in the death and loss department. Teaching you the stages and proven techniques that will help you move through the grieving process.

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