From my own personal experience, yes I believe they can become our special guardian angels. While at my mom’s memorial service, a woman pulled me aside as we were exiting the church after the service. The lady was my school mates mom. She asked me if I believed in angels. I said, “Yes”. Then she told me that we all have a guardian angel with us and went on to say that my mom is now another special guardian angel that will be with me always.

As I continued to walk out of the church, my eyes widen with fright because I was fifteen years old and I haven’t even started getting into half the trouble I got into while she was living. I thought, I can’t hide anything from my deceased mom. What sort of influence can my departed mom have on me? Plenty, the book I wrote called Having fun with God; A book report for Miss. Winfrey is living proof that our loved ones do become our guardian angels because I know my mom helped produce it. Ever since this great insight, I stopped grieving my mom’s death as much and I’m grateful that she is still with me in spirit.